Pencils and Pens

Graphite Pencils and Coloured Pencils breathe life into your creative projects! Used to add vibrant colours to any project , coloured and graphite pencils are ideal for renderings and can make any project pop.


Express Your Imagination with AlfaPlanhold Mechanical Drawing Pencils!

We are happily presenting our vast collection of Mechanical Drawing Pencils designed passionately to fulfill your needs and demands. Mainly designed for architects, artists, sketchers, and those pursuing professional artistic professions, these pencils are ideal.

Our Drawing Pencils

Premium Metal Lead Holder 2mm Mechanical Pencil

A robust tool for those who demand precision and longevity in their craft. Its 2mm lead provides a consistent line for detailed work.

Deluxe Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

Experience the sleek design and effortless writing or drawing. Perfect for professionals who require accuracy in their detailed sketches or writings.

Deluxe Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm RDP-607

With its comfortable grip and reliable mechanism, this pencil is a staple for those who spend hours perfecting their work.

2mm Collegiate Lead Holder and Lead Sharpener

The ideal companion for drafting and drawing needs. This set ensures your leads are always sharp and ready for any project.

Why Pick Us?

We recognize the significance of having the appropriate equipment to realize your vision. For this reason, we provide pencils and pens that guarantee comfort, precision, and longevity to suit your every need. Professionals, students, and individuals passionate about drawing will all find something fascinating.

Dive into the realm of creativity with tools that match your ambition. Remember, every great masterpiece begins with a single line. Let AlfaPlanhold Inc. be the start of your next creative journey.