Portable Parallel Straightedge Board

Parallel Straightedge Board

Our collection of Parallel Bars for Architecture, where convenience and functionality meets versatility. Our portable drafting boards with parallel bars are thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of creative and technical needs. One of the standout features of these drafting boards is their portability. Whether you're an architect, artist, craftsperson, or engineer, our drawing boards with parallel bars provide a flexible and on-the-go drawing surface that can be used for fine art, designs, technical drawing, and in any environment where a portable drawing solution is required. You will be impressed by the ease of use our portable parallel straightedge boards offers. The inclusion of a parallel ruler elevates the functionality of these drafting boards. Typically, features like this are found in offices, classrooms, or on studio drafting tables, but we've brought them to a portable convenient format.

This Straightedge Parallel Bars ensures precise and consistent lines, angles, and measurements, allowing you to create impeccable drawings and designs wherever you go. No matter where your creative or technical endeavours take you, our Parallel Bars for Architecture are designed to meet your needs. Experience the convenience of a portable drawing surface combined with the precision of a parallel straightedge ruler. These versatile tools are perfect for professionals and students alike, ensuring that your work is consistently accurate and visually impressive. Browse our collection today and discover the difference that Alfa Planhold can make in your next creative and technical projects.

Top-Quality Drafting Boards and Parallel Bars for Drafting Tables

Our Portable Parallel Straightedge Board and PXB Portable Parallel Straightedge Drawing Board are designed to meet all your needs. Our selection includes the finest drafting boards with parallel bars, parallel rulers for drafting tables, and portable drawing boards you can easily find online.

Perfect Choice for Designers, Students, and Professionals

With a focus on quality and portability, our parallel bars for drafting tables and portable drawing boards are unmatched. The parallel bars ensure straight, precise lines every time, making your work more efficient and accurate. From architectural designs to engineering plans or sketches, our boards ideally provide the comfort and balance you need for your work.

Lightweight Drawing Boards, Parallel Bars

These Portable Drawing Boards are a need for experts and students. Our drawing boards provide more flexibility to work from any place where you want and are lightweight. The PXB Portable Parallel Straightedge Drawing Board, in particular, offers unparalleled ease of use, with a parallel bar that glides smoothly for flawless drafting.

Alfa Planhold Inc. can transform your drafting experience with tools designed for precision, portability, and performance. Advance your work with the best parallel bars architecture offers and become part of a professional.