Beam Compass Graduated in-cm for drawing large circles

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Graduated Beam Compass in inch and cm

Beam Compass Speed-Set with Extension consist of two 13" flat aluminum beams graduated in both inches and cm and uses a standard 2mm lead (included). Capable of creating circles up to 48" in diameter and is a money saver for layout of custom mill work, on the job, and much so more. This is the ideal tool for drafting, sheet metal, sign making, boat building, window manufacturing and so much more. Anyone who requires a large circle maker can benefit from owning this compass. It features 2 trammels with a spring-loaded friction control design that enables precision drawing every time. The set includes a 13" beam bars with coupling to accommodate circles up to 25 1/2" in radius, interchangeable ruling pen, pencil and divider legs. A small tube of spare leads and needlepoint is also included. The Speed-set Beam Compass is packaged with everything you need to get started making those curves and circles. Also used as a sheetmetal compass and is ideal for drawing large circles in woodworking as well.


  • Two aluminum bars in "cm" and "inch" scales (each 330 mm long)
  • Two sliders (for 3.5 mm pivot diameter) Coupling to join two rods
  • Needle tip and a Lead tip
  • Pen piece Adapter for technical items
  • Tip for Fine Lines (0.5 mm)
  • Made in Germany