LaserLine 3M Lenker Direct reading Laser Rod GR1000M

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LaserLine Direct Reading Laser Rod 3 Meter - GR1000M

Laser or optical. These grade rods are the number one seller in the USA, and there's a reason — Tremendous Quality. Tough, lightweight, and versatile, our direct reading (lenker style) rods bear the true test of quality in the field, and hold up exceptionally well. Choose from our large selection of lengths and increments in tenths, metric, and inches.

Lenker Rod movable tape face


Direct Reading/True Elevation Grade Rod Direct Reading, or True Elevation (also known as Lenker style) is a Grade Rod with a moveable tape face allowing you to set the actual benchmark elevation, or any elevation, above or below the bench into the rod. The actual true elevation above sea level is read on these rods, thus eliminating errors caused by adding or subtracting. Since no math is involved, grade shots are much faster than conventional style rods.
On most jobsites, the bench elevation is typically established by survey, and all elevations on that project are
above that or below primary bench elevation.


In the USA, these elevations are typically represented in feet, tenths and hundredths of a foot as per the example.