Mayline or Alvin Replacement Cable Kit

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Replacement Cable for Mayline or Alvin Parallel Rulers

Mayline or Alvin Straightedge Replacement Cable for 36, 42 48 & 60 inch Straightedges. Also called Drafting Board Wire Replacement, Strightedge repair Kit or Straight Edge Wire works with standard straightedges 30, 36, 42, 48 and 60 inches in length. Cable is 23 feet long and is lubricated stainless steel, the spring is not included however the cable does come with two terminal ends on the cable. Designed for use with all Art Alternatives Parallel Straightedge Drawing & Drafting Board sizes up to 60 inch wide.

Includes 27 1/2' of stainless steel wire cable, spring, two front wire connectors and two eyelets.

Here are the instructions on How To Rewire a Parallel Bar